Our locally produced shows are kept below in a long-term archive.
The one-week archive of WBFY’s recent programs is here.

Music Shows
The Errant Path — Far-ranging explorations
The Last Music Collectors — Your neighbor’s iPod on shuffle
Live & Local — Waldo County musicians and events
The Octopus’s Garden — Kids Show

Talk Shows
A Transition Radio Hour — Sustainability
Farmstead Radio — Farm and garden
Finding Common Ground — Political talk show
Listen Up! — Wide-ranging interviews and opinions
Poetry By The Bay — Local poets read and discuss
Poetry Woodshed — Things could be verse!

— Meeting (May 9, 2018) about the Salmon Farm proposal
— Meeting (Feb. 21, 2018) about the Salmon Farm proposal
— Mayor and City Council Candidates Forum 2017
— Black History Month Special — Blues and Voices
— New Years By The Bay, 2016-17
— December 17, 2016 — Launch Day
— Halloween 2016 — WBOO, the Spooky Station