-[ Live & Local ]- Performances in Waldo County or by Waldo County musicians … except sometimes. Sundays, 6-8PM.

Events are listed when they occurred, not always when first broadcast.
Produced and hosted since 2017 by Vic Tredwell.

======<> Summer 2022 <>======
Searsmont Street Band: Belfast Summer Nights, Part One, Two, Three
Kayoung An: Solo Classical Piano, Part One, Two
Cassie Nobel: Singer-Songwriter at Searsport Shores, Part One, Two
Sean Heely: Scotish-Style Fiddler, Part One, Two, Three, Four

======<> Summer 2021 <>======
Tuba Skinny: New Orleans Traditional Jazz, Part One, Two, Three, Four
Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings: Part One, Two, Three
DaPonte String Quartet: Music of Early Maine, Part One, Two, Three
The Napper Tandies: Irish-Style Bar Band, Part One, Two, Three, Four
The Casco Bay Tummlers: Klezmer Band, Part One, Two, Three

======<> New Years By The Bay 2019-20 <>======
Ellacapella: Vocal Group, Part One, Two
Halcyon String Quartet: Part One, Two
Jonesville: Vocal Duo, Part One, Two, Three, Four

======<> Winter 2019-2020 <>======
Highlands Chamber Ensemble: Part One, Two
Shiners Club Jazz Band: Santa Fe NM, Part One, Two
The Fowlers: Live at the Bazz, Part One, Two
Penobscot Bay Singers: Holiday concert: Part 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B

======<> Winfield 2019 <>======
(Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas)
Sweet Spot Trio: Part One, Two, Three;
Think Tank; Sullivan Tuttle: Part One, Two

======<> Summer 2019 <>======
Family and Friends Bluegrass Festival:
5th Fret, The Pinwheel Brothers, Rural Route Three,
Rosey and The Ramblers: Part One, Two
Lothlorien Farm, Swanville (Farm-Warming Party):
Asa Irons, The Pinwheel Brothers, Joanne Tripp
American Classics for Flute, Clarinet and Piano: Part One, Two

======<> Spring 2019 <>======
Woodson, Findley and Stevens: Celtic Music
Part One, Two, Three
Halcyon String Quartet: Concert Excerpts
Julie Vallimont: Album debut concert: Part One, Two

======<> New Years By The Bay 2018-19 <>======
The Gawler Family Band: Second Set, Part One, Two

======<> Fall 2018 <>======
Winfield Special 2018: Part One, Two
American Folk Festival:
Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Vieux Farka Toure
Eramis Fontenot: Young busker

======<> Maine Celtic Celebration 2018 <>======
The John Byrne Band: Part One, Two
The Galley Rats: Part One, Two
The Kelly Girls: Part One, Two
Miller, MacDonald & Cormier: Part One, Two

======<> Summer 2018 <>======
Snippets of Summer: Maine Fiddle Camp, Leaky Boot Jug Band,
Maine Celtic Celebration, American Folk Festival,
Family and Friends Bluegrass Festival
The Oshima Brothers, @ The EcoVillage: Part One, Two
Cassatt String Quartet: Part One, Two, Three
Sean Heely, Celtic Fiddler: Live @ WBFY
Sugarbush, Acoustic Trio: “Matriarch” Album Debut

======<> Early Summer 2018 <>======
Miners Creek Bluegrass Band: “All Stove Up” Album Debut
Ali Warren, Singer/Songwriter @ The Crosby Center
Ryan Quinn, Singer/Songwriter: Part One, Two, Three
The Gawler Family Band: Part One, Two, Three

======<> Belfast Ukulele Festival 2018 <>======
Uke’n Be Happy (Waterville), Falmouth Flukes,
Gerald Ross (Headliner), Mid-Coast Ukes (Belfast)

======<> All Roads Festival — May 19th, 2018 <>======
Kenya Hall, The Oshima Brothers, Golden Oak,
Dominic Lavoire, Janae Sound, Builder of the House,

The Mallett Brothers Band: Part One, Two, Three, Encore

======<> Spring 2018 <>======
House of Hamill, @ the EcoVillage: Part One, Two, Three
Old Time Music Jamboree in Searsport: Part One, Two, Three
Heidi Burson, @ the EcoVillage: Part One, Two, Three
The Pinwheel Brothers, Live on WERU: Part One, Two
Belfast Area High School: Pops Concert
Saturday Jazz Band, @ the Boathouse: Part One, Two, Three

======<> Winter 2017-18 <>======
Amy Ferebee, Songwriter Showcase: Part One, Two
Velocipede, @ the EcoVillage: Part One, Two, Three
Westin and Scott McDowell: In a Santa Fe coffee shop
The Ghost of Paul Revere: Part One, Two, Three
Noah Fishman and Friends: Part One, Two, Three
Salty Paws: Aboard a boat in Florida

======<> New Years By The Bay — 2017-18 <>======
Ameranouche, @ NYBB: Part One, Two, Three, Four
Ellacappella, @ NYBB: Part One, Two
Jonesville, @ NYBB: Part One, Two
Leaky Boot Jug Band, @ NYBB: Part One, Two

======<> Fall 2017 <>======
The Oshima Brothers @ WBFY Studio: Part One, Two
Sassafras Stomp, @ Many Hands Farm: Part One, Two
The Stray Aways, Irish Trio: Part One, Two
New York City Special: Part One, Two
Old Time Music Campout: Part One, Two
Winfield Special: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five
( Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas )

======<> Late Summer 2017 <>======
Tuba Skinny, Trad Jazz @ Summer Nights: Part One, Two
Anna Pillsbury, Songwriter @ Summer Nights
The Pinwheel Brothers @ Family & Friends Bluegrass Festival
Green Onions @ Family & Friends Bluegrass Festival
Leaky Boot Jug Band @ Summer Nights: Part One, Two, Three
Frets Halligan, Ukulele @ Summer Nights: Part One, Two

======<> Maine Celtic Celebration 2017 <>======
Darlin’ Corey, @ Celtic Celebration: Part One, Two
Fodhla @ Celtic Celebration
Lindsay Straw,@ Celtic Celebration: Part One, Two
Liz & Dan Faiella, @ Celtic Celebration

======<> Early Summer 2017 <>======
Shawn Byrne, @ The EcoVillage: Part One, Two, Three, Four
Crosby Center Opening: Bridgett Matros, The Gawler Sisters
Crosby Center Opening: Judi Erickson, Kristen Berkholder
David Dodson, @ The EcoVillage: Part One, Two, Three, Four

=====<> Belfast Ukulele Festival — June 6, 2017 <>======
Rachel Manke, @ Ukulele Festival
Stuart Fuchs, @ Ukulele Festival: Part One, Two
The Merry Plinksters, @ Ukulele Festival
Mid-Coast Ukes, @ Ukulele Festival
Frets & Fingers Show: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five

======<> Winter and Spring 2017 <>======
Belfast EcoVillage, House Concert: Part One, Two, Three
Austin Bergstrom, Songwriter: Part One, Two
Sugarbush, Acoustic Trio: Part One, Two
Scolded Dogs, Funk Quartet: Part One, Two
Brio, A Capella Trio: Part One, Two
Quantum, Electronica Duo: Part One, Two
Kieran Shell, Songwriter

Recordings made at WBFY’s Launch Day Show (Dec. 2016) and during New Years By The Bay have also been featured on this show. Find them on the Special Programs archive