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Youth Radio: The Telling Room Poets

During the summer of 2022, a writers workshop was held at Waterfall Arts for young people from around the country.  It was called The Telling Room.  At the end of the week, the students came to WBFY’s studio and recorded their poems.  Here are the results, aired on “Youth Radio” in late August.

New Year’s By The Radio (2021-22)

Belfast’s much-love New Year’s Eve institution “New Year’s By The Bay” was cancelled by the COVID pandemic for a second year.  Therefore WBFY presented an eight-hour marathon of recordings from previous events.

Part One: The Belfast Bay Fiddlers, The Katahdin Valley Boys (Bluegrass)
Part Two: People of Earth (Rock), Hawk Henry (Native American flute), Belfast Ukuleles
Part Three: Mes Amis (Gypsy Jazz), The Gawler Family Band
Part Four: The Halcyon String Quartet, EllaCapella (Singers), Ameranouche (Gypsy Jazz)

Black History Month Special
Blues and the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

This show was produced by host Mary Oishi of KUNM at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. It consists of a selection of blues music, overlaid with famous voices from the civil rights movement. It was edited for replay on WBFY by Vic Tredwell, with permission.

— Hour One: Part 1, Part 2
— Hour Two: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
— Hour Three: Part 6, Part 7

New Years by the Bay – 2016/2017
Every New Years Eve music events are held all over downtown Belfast. WBFY recorded many of these and broadcast them (with an hour delay) as part of our second marathon show. The quality of the recordings varies considerably, from highly professional audio created by Ned Lightner of Belfast Community Television, to recordings made on a hand-held device by Petra Hall.
[These clips are the edited versions later re-broadcast on the ‘Live & Local’ show.]

The Gawler Family Band
— Mes Amis, gypsy jazz: Part One, Part Two
Katadin Valley Boys, bluegrass
Belfast Bay Fiddlers, traditional fiddle music
Hawk Henry, Native American flute
— The Sauternes: Part One, Part Two
— People of Earth: Part One, Part Two

December 17th, 2016 — Launch Day
WBFY began broadcasting at noon on a snowy Saturday, with an eight-hour marathon show and party. In addition to interviews with station sponsors and personnel, many local musical groups performed live on the air.
[These clips are the edited versions later re-broadcast on Live & Local.]

Jim Hyland // Jeff King // Eric Greene and Friends
Cantankerous (duo: Doug Nye, Pam Shulub)
Rural Electric (acoustic version: Alan Gibson, Andrew Carpenter)
Bill and Sarah Smith, with Jim Hyland
Electric Bonfire (four wild things in a jam band)
Rosey Geary (solo, country)
‘Ando’ Anderson and Friends (Christmas music)
The Pinwheel Brothers (acoustic trio)

Halloween 2016 — WBOO, the Spooky Station
The station set up a tent near the Cedar Street trick-or-treat area and invited children to play radio host by recording their jokes and comments. This was a community building event, designed to let the people of Belfast know about the new station, which was not then on the air. These clips have been broadcast on our Saturday morning children’s program, “The Octopus’s Garden”

Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four