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Listen Up! (Saturdays at 1pm)
This program presents interviews and public events, as well as opinion pieces by WBFY listeners. Opinions expressed are those of the speaker(s), not necessarily of Belfast Community Radio, or the City of Belfast.

==========[ Public Talks ]==========

James Marcus, Editor of Harper’s Magazine
Emerson and Secularism

Samantha Paradis, Former Mayor of Belfast
— Ecological Activism: Part One, Part Two

Ellen Sander, Poet and Journalist
Trips: Rock Life in the Sixties

Dr. Robert Steneck, U-Maine Marine Sciences
— Ecological History of Penobscot Bay:
Part One, Part Two

==========[ Interviews ]==========

Nan Borton — A Life Serving Refugees
Alan Clemence — War Tax Resistance
Tim Collins — Toxic Masculinity
Stephanie Doire – Teaching in NYC
Paul Finden – Mushroom Hunting
Liz Fitzsimmons — The Rail Trail
Fran – Privacy and the Police
Charlotte Herbold — I Like Being Old
Mike Hurley, Eric Sanders – Salmon Factory
Mary Kaldenbaugh – Physical Therapy
Mike McKee – Changing Education
Jim Merkel – Saving Walden’s World
Joanne Moesswilde – Salmon Factory
Don Raney – Magazine Publishing
Sadie – A Kid Talks About Reading
Wendy Watson, Hank Reisner – Salmon Factory
James Williams – Water Protectors: Part One, Part Two
Jane Willis – Parents and Teachers

==========[ Inside and Out ]==========

A special series about issues of prisons,
prisoners and formerly incarcerated people.

Inside and Out # 1 – Interviews with Larraine
Brown (Activist) and Steve Clark (Inmate)

Inside and Out #2 – Interview with
Leo Hilton (Inmate)

Inside and Out #3
– Holiday greetings from
people “inside” to their loved ones “outside”

Inside and Out #4
– Interview with Randall
Liberty (Maine Commissioner of Corrections)

Doin’ Covid Time: Essays by Michael Caron,
Retired Prison Guard and Educator
Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

==========[ Editorial/Opinion ]==========

Tools Shape Their Users: Guns ARE
The Problem (by Vic Tredwell)

==========[ Special Items ]==========

Radio Time Machine

The show is produced by Tom Gilligan and Vic Tredwell. It began in August 2017, replacing Susie Dexter’s program “A Transition Radio Hour” in the Saturday 1pm slot. During the fall and winter of 2017 it had other names in passing: “Talks With Tom” and “Vox Populi”.