The Middle Classic

Vic Tredwell

Monday morning again ?! Here’s what to do to get your week off to a great start… Tune in to the eclectic and adventurous music on Chris Battaglia’s show. —==[ Latest Show ]==— Playlists by Spinitron

Magickal Music Machine

Vic Tredwell

Dr. Rhythm’s Magickal Music Machine —==[ Latest Show ]==— Playlists by Spinitron

The Grind

Vic Tredwell

Classic and current punk, metal, alternative and experimental music designed to ruin your musical horizons. —==[ Latest Show ]==— Playlists by Spinitron

The Broadway Radio Hour

Vic Tredwell

Celebrating the American Musical Comedy — Hits, Flops And Unusuals —-==[ Latest Show ]==—- Playlists by Spinitron

Classic Era

Vic Tredwell

This show focuses on music of Classic Era composers, especially Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. We’ll also explore composers, such as Dvorak, Brahms and Stravinsky, who were inspired by Classic form and style. We’ll compare different recordings and discuss how performers interpret this music. And there will be some surprises from time to time. —-==[ Latest Show ]==—- Playlists by … Read More

Orange Blossom Special

Vic Tredwell

A soon-to-be-famous show about Bluegrass music, named for a famous Bluegrass song, named for a famous New York to Miami train. Playlists by Spinitron

Out On The Range

Vic Tredwell

—-==[ Latest Show ]==—- Playlists by Spinitron

Who’s Got The Blues?

Vic Tredwell

Carrie B.’s Got The Blues — Do You? Here’s the show to get ’em, and get ’em fixed.  That’s what the Blues can do. Delta Blues to Chicago Blues, with everything in between and beyond. —==[ Latest Show ]==— Playlists by Spinitron

Doo Wop Heaven

Vic Tredwell

The final edition of this show was on November 16th, 2018 after running about 13 months. DJ Doug moved to later on Friday evening. His new show is Doctor Rhythm’s Magick Music Machine, 9 to midnight. Latest Show Playlists by Spinitron

The Last Music Collectors

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A guest brings in their personal digital music collection. We put it on shuffle and talk about what we hear.   —==[ Latest Show ]==— Playlists by Spinitron   ARCHIVE of past shows Email the show: