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Music & Memories

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==========[ This show went OFF THE AIR in November of 2018 ]============ DJ Doug brings you popular music of the 1950’s through the 1980’s, with trivia contests and lots of fun. (By the way, the picture is Gene Vincent, 1950’s teen idol.) Playlists by Spinitron

Swing & Croon

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String Band Lunch

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Music in the great American string band tradition: Bluegrass, Folk, Swing, Country, and lots more. —-==[ Latest Show ]==—- Playlists by Spinitron

Reggae Dooryaad

Buffy Moonbat

Selecta Heat brings sweet reggae music from the past, present and future straight pon ya dooryaad. *Yaad – Jamaican patois term meaning home *Another term for driveway is the word dooryard, which is used in New England, primarily in Maine.