Block Party

Vic Tredwell

Dance music American style, to get you Saturday night block party off to a roaring start…

Atlantic Breeze

Vic Tredwell

Atlantic Brfeeze

A mix of down-tempo, neoclassical, ambient music to bring in your Sunday afternoon.

Belfast City Council

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The weekly meetings of the Belfast City Council are being conducted via the Zoom online platform for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sound portion of these meeting is carried on Belfast Community Radio.


Vic Tredwell

Lost Discoveries

Vic Tredwell

The Weird and The Obscure, Alluring to Excentrics

World Music Hour

Vic Tredwell

Music from around the globe, compiled and presented by Putumayo, a record label that collects music from all over and reissues the music of U.S. audiences.