Belfast Community Radio (WBFY at 100.9 FM on the radio dial and streaming live at is actively seeking volunteers to serve as members of its newly forming Program Advisory Committee. With initial plans to meet on a monthly basis, this key committee will be shaping the content of on-air programming. Station volunteers, programmers, and interested listeners are invited to apply, those living in the greater Belfast area included.

WBFY is a beacon providing the chance for area residents to take a turn at the microphone to pursue their dreams. Exceptions to the broad attitude of inclusivity, as well as content decisions on social media and necessary feedback on programs, will be decided upon by the newly forming Program Advisory Committee, with the final decision making authority being the Board of Directors.

Belfast Community Radio Program Advisory Committee Member

Time requirements for the position: able to meet monthly, and on occasions when special meetings are needed; length of meetings to be determined by needs, but not expected to exceed 2 hours

Length of commitment: 3-year term, eligible for reappointment for 1 additional term


  1. Develop proposed policy and policy changes to be presented to the WBFY Board of Directors for final vote and implementation
  2. Receive feedback about existing programs from programmers and listeners, determining if and how it should be communicated to the Board of Directors or the programmer
  3. Develop a plan for addressing negative feedback on programs, making proposals that require further action to the Board of Directors
  4. Thoughtfully review any program feedback, determining if there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed through policy/procedure
  5. Review proposed new programs for controversial material, providing guardrails for subject matter that leaves room for interpretation
  6. Review any feedback about social media use by a programmer as it relates to their program and/or the station

Benefits to the position: This is an opportunity for an individual who is passionate about WBFY community radio and who seeks the high road in responsible community interactions. We anticipate that this will be a fun-loving group that will provide the backbone we need when considering the range of colorful voices in our community.

Qualifications: a commitment to understanding the WBFY audience and volunteers, savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating and building consensus among diverse individuals.

Service on this committee is on a volunteer basis.

For more information about the position, please send us an email at