November 3, 2016

Buffy MoonbatWeekly Press Releases

Magical characters roaming the roads on Halloween stopped by to delight audiences on Spring Street and beyond with their humor, insight, and songs at Belfast Community Radio’s Spooky Radio show. There were moments when monster eyes were slid down to become mouth holes to speak through and when disgusting faces were ripped off altogether to reveal tender young people telling knock-knock jokes, or interviewing each other about the evening’s candy stash. It was an event to be experienced and those who participated are hoping for a repeat performance in coming years as Belfast Community Radio becomes a reality.

Belfast Creative Coalition photographer Tony Chiodo snapped photographs of the princesses, spider men and horribles in all shapes and sizes. Photos will be appearing on the station’s website soon at

The mock studio was a tent loaned for the evening from Waterfall Arts. Stationed at the broadcasting controls included 11-year-old Wylie Fowler, himself dressed in costume for the evening, as well as Jay Rosenberg and Steve Chiasson – all of whom loaned equipment towards the effort. Vic Tredwell, the brains behind the bright idea of the Spooky Halloween Show, also coordinates the launch Tech Committee for the station. This group has been sorting through equipment needs for the station and reports that due to a significant donation of studio and soundproofing equipment by station angel Casey Dowdell and others, the original launch budget aim has been lowered from $20,000 to $14,000.

Launch Fundraising Coordinator Erik Klausmeyer reports that the station has already received over $7,000 in pledges. So with 4 weeks left until its December 1 launch, volunteer organizers have raised altogether half of the station’s on-air needs. Others donating equipment to the studio include Geoff Gilchrist, who has allowed the group access to the Eusta Be Church for meetings. The station’s latest underwriter is Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tax deductible donations may be made at Belfast City Hall as well as at both Belfast branches of Bangor Savings Bank, and online at For more information about the station, email the group at, or check out upcoming activities at group’s website or at Belfast Community Radio on Facebook.

November 3, 2016